Get Help With Expungement in Nashville, Tennessee

“Daniel helped to expunge my record, which, due to the circumstances, had sent me on nearly 2 years of sifting through conflicting information and dead ends. In less than a month, I had my processed expungement order in hand. I would gladly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking legal advice/services. He expedited an otherwise frustrating and convoluted process and one which I can happily now put behind me!”  —Edward, Nashville Expungement Client, February 11, 2017

“I got help with expungement on a 20 year old case. Daniel Horwitz was EXCELLENT w/ details and follow-through. His quick e-response communications and KNOWLEDGE of the ‘court systems’ was A+.”—Sammy, Nashville Expungement Client, November, 2016

The following expungement services are offered:*

1. Nashville Expungement Eligibility Evaluation:  For a flat fee of $100.00, Tennessee Expungement Attorney Daniel A. Horwitz will evaluate your eligibility to expunge any charge on your criminal record in Nashville.  Complete the form below to request an expungement evaluation and to transmit payment.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR EVALUATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETED UNLESS AND UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.  Do not submit this form if you do not intend to complete payment.

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This is a request to purchase legal services. I understand and acknowledge that an attorney-client relationship will not be created until attorney accepts my requested representation and payment for requested services has been received in full.

2.  Expunge a Criminal Record in Nashville, Tennessee:  After your evaluation has been completed, if a record that you want expunged is located in Nashville and eligible to be expunged, Nashville Expungement Attorney Daniel Horwitz will expunge it for you for a flat fee of $100 per dismissed charge and $350 per conviction plus any applicable court-imposed costs and fees.  Please email for additional information.

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