New Law Reduces Expungement Fees to $100 for All Convictions, Diversions

By Nashville Expungement Attorney Daniel A. Horwitz:

*Note: This is a free informational resource about expungement law in Tennessee.  If you are looking to hire an attorney to expunge your record for you, please click here instead.*

Beginning July 1, 2019, a new Tennessee law will eliminate state fees from the expungement process, meaning that the total cost of expunging an eligible charge that resulted in a conviction or a diversion will drop to $100.00 (a local fee that is paid to county clerks).  Previously, the State of Tennessee assessed an additional expungement fee of $280 to expunge eligible convictions and eligible diversions.  The cost of expunging a charge that resulted in a dismissal or resulted in a disposition of nolle prosequi remains $0.00.

Many offenses in Tennessee are eligible for expungement.  Offenses that are eligible to be expunged under Tennessee law include certain DUI charges, most non-violent misdemeanor convictions and certain felonies if a person has no more than two convictions on their record, and any charge that did not result in a conviction, even if a person was ultimately convicted of other charges.

If you have a criminal record that you want expunged, there is no substitute for consulting a lawyer to review your own individual circumstances.  If you think you may be eligible to have your record expunged and want to hire an attorney to evaluate your eligibility or file your paperwork for you, please click here for an individualized case review.